Why Hire Firebelly?

We have been coordinating entertainment since 2004 and are skilled at creating performance experiences that fit the event or a particular type of audience. We know that timing, lights, and how we fit into a space all affects how our performance is received. We know how to make us look good and in turn how to make you look good. We create with you to bring your vision to life.

We carefully select our performers for their artistry and technical skill as well as their experience and professionalism. No divas, no loose canons; just enthusiastic, creative folks who are easy to work with. We encourage innovation within our team and have many unique acts available to give your audience something they have not seen before.

Many of our performances, by their nature, come with an element of danger. We have strict safety protocols for our fire shows and aerial rigging practices to ensure that our shows are exciting but always safe for both our performers and our audiences. Firebelly is fully insured for what we do and we pride ourselves on an accident-free history.


Individual acts range from about $250 – $1,200 with roving characters at the lower end and aerial acts at the higher end of this range. For groups of performers or a longer circus show combining multiple acts we generally put together a specific quote for each client based on what elements they wish to include.

Many of our performers are skilled in more than one type of performance. If you are looking for a combination of acts we can often offer you package prices if the same performers are able to do multiple acts over the course of your event. Tell us what interests you.

Big budget?….Let us dream big with you and help you to spend your money in a way that gives you the big impact you’re counting on. Small budget?…..Let us help you pick something within your means that still adds that special Firebelly touch to your event.

Not sure what you want? Check out Firebelly’s performance options on our Performance Page