Performers in fantastical costumes frozen in a pose; otherworldy, a bit mysterious, sometimes humorous, and always intriguing.

Factsheet for Statues & Freeze Dance Characters

Two Styles of Performance

1. Classic Living Statues
Performers hold still poses on a pedestal or raised area at your event. They are great as focal points of your room’s decor or at an event entrance as a part of welcoming guests.

2. Freeze Dance Characters
This is a more modern take on the classic living statue. Performers alternate stylized movement with frozen poses. This allows performers to move in a slightly more interactive way while still maintaining the mysterious otherworldly feel of classic statues. This is a unique interpretation of class statue performance. We have found guests really enjoy this as it allows them to be a bit more playful and interactive with the performers. Freeze dance characters can still be very localized to a pedestal or entrance area as classic statues would be, but it is also possible for them to move around a room to some degree. Some events have used freeze dance characters to hand out awards while striking interesting poses in between each award presentation. Freeze Dancer Characters are often fully body painted similarly to classic living statues but in some cases clients have preferred less body paint in favour of a more roaming character-type feel.

Customization of Costumes

Statues and freeze dancers are frequently customized to fit a specific theme by incorporating relevant detail in the body painting, adding some small elements to the costume or having performers work with theme-related colour-coordinated props (e.g. adding CD’s to the silver costumes for a Music Awards Gala or adding Christmas decorations to the gold costumes for a Holiday Party). Talk to us about what you want to see.

Performance Sets

Living statues and freeze dance characters generally work in 30 – 40 minute sets with breaks between multiple sets over the course of an event. Longer or shorter sets can be arranged based on what is needed for your event.

Blowing Fan Dance

A variation on living statues, the performers work on raised pedestals or stages with a high-powered fan directed at them. Large pieces of sheer fabric are incorporated into the costumes, and blow gracefully around the dancers as they move.

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